So, I'm not a DB guy or Dev, I'm a network and sysadmin. We had a guy leave and I'm trying to do this. I feel like it should be really simple like it would be in SQL so I must be missing something.

I'm running a query from the datomic console and I simply want to return entities that have similar values. My brain equates this to using a wildcard when searching in a document etc.

Example Query that works:

[:find ?e :where [?e :project/name "3000gtVR4"] ]

so this works perfect when the project name is known... I get the value I expect for the entity ID. But what if I want to see if there is a similar project name in the DB but I don't know exactly what it is... 3000gt* or *VR4 or something similar would work in many programs but I can't find a similar value that works in Datomic

[:find ?e :where [?e :project/name "3000gt*"] ]

NoGo... I've tried about a hundred variations and honestly alot of the Datomic stuff I am reading is well outside of my experience. I feel like this shouldn't require some massive query and defining variables etc...

You can reply with the Clojure syntax as well and I may be able to understand it enough to smash it into submission through a REPL session but please understand that I'm way out of my realm here.

Datomic query is an extended form of Datalog, which has different concepts than traditional SQL.


[:find [?e ...] :where [?e :project/name ?name] [(re-matches #"3000gt.+" ?name)]]

[?e ...] returns a collection of entities.

[(re-matches #"3000gt.+" ?name)] uses the clojure function as a predicate. Here is a good tutorial

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