I'm still new to dsub (https://github.com/DataBiosphere/dsub) and I'm having an issue using environment variables.

When I pass two environment variables and try to use them by adding them to an existing python script, I get an error saying my python process has been killed. I pass the python script as an input file and run it using bash.

On the other hand, if I use the environment variables in a script which does nothing but take them from the environment and print their contents, the script runs fine. Like so,

var1 = os.environ['VAR1']
var2 = os.environ['VAR2']
var1 = int(var1)
var2 = int(var2)

My dsub pipeline looks like this:

dsub   --provider google-v2   --project my-project   
--zones "us-central1-*"   --logging "gs://my-bucket/get_vcf_sample_ids.sh/logging"   
--disk-size 500   --image paulwoelfel/docker-gcloud   --input INPUT_VCF="gs://my-bucket/script.py"   
--output OUTPUT_FILE="gs://my-bucket/output/sample_ids.txt"   --script ./examples/custom_scripts/bash_file.sh  
--env VAR2=1300 --env VAR1=1000 --wait

Any help to figure out why my process was killed would be great. Please let me know what else I can provide to help you understand the question better.

Thank You

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