I am attempting to select a POCO using data from multiple different source tables using ServiceStack.OrmLite. I'm following the general syntax shown under C# 7 Tuples, but returning a concrete POCO instead of a Tuple. I'm getting an parsing the SqlExpression.

 var exp = Db.From<TransactionProduct>()
                        .Join<Transaction, Device>()
                        .Select<Transaction, Device>((t, d) =>
                        new BottleBox
                            Location = d.Name,
                            Notes = t.Note,
                            Timestamp = t.TimeStamp

The error is:

Error CodeInvalidOperationException
Messagevariable 't' of type 'BMS.ServiceModel.Transactions.Transaction' referenced from scope '', but it is not definedStack

There seems to be some error in my Select statement at the end of the SqlExpression "exp" definition, but I can't for the life of me figure out what's going on ....

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The custom select projection should use an anonymous Type:

.Select<Transaction, Device>((t, d) =>
    new {
      Location = d.Name,
      Timestamp = t.TimeStamp

You’d use a POCO when selecting the resultset into the specific concrete Type:

var results = db.Select<BottleBox>(q);
  • So that works only with anonymous objects, but ... why? – jklemmack 5 hours ago

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