I'm used to doing my barplots on seaborn and I like it's layout for showing confidence bars, but I have a special case in a dataset where I already have the confidence interval, like this:

month   ci-b     mean    ci-t
201801  0.020   0.0206  0.021
201802  0.019   0.0198  0.0204
201803  0.022   0.0225  0.0228
201804  0.022   0.0236  0.0240
201805  0.023   0.0235  0.0239

Is there a way to manually input the values for seaborn confidence interval lines? Or to use it as "None" and use some matlib function to put the confidence interval in the graph (but keeping seaborn's barplot)

When I do:

ax = sns.barplot('month','mean',data=df, ci=None)

I get, as expected, a normal barplot:

This graphic

And when I attempt to use matlib's error bar like this:

ax = sns.barplot('month','mean',data=df, ci=None)

Everything get's messed up with just one strange line lost in the figure:

Like this graphic

Am I using errorbar wrong? Is there a better tool for this?


The months are being interpreted differently by seaborn and matplotlibresulting in odd placement of the error bars. You also need to specify fmt='none' to avoid having errorbar plot data points as a line. The following code places the errors bars at the correct x locations:

ax = sns.barplot('month','mean',data=df, ci=None)
plt.errorbar(x=[0, 1, 2, 3, 4],y=df['mean'],
             yerr=(df['ci-t']-df['ci-b']), fmt='none', c= 'r')

enter image description here

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