I'm trying to check if the answer selected is correct, if so, then it should add + 1 to my user score. But I don't understand why my code doesn't work. Could you please help me where the bug or did I miss something else?

 function loadNextQuestion () {
  var selectOption = document.querySelector('input[type=radio]:checked');
  if (selectOption.val() == questions[answer]) {
  } else if (selectOption) {
  } else {
    alert("Please pick an answer.");
  • Could you please post all of your relevant HTML and JavaScript code? We can't see what loadQuestion() and loadQuestionNum() are, and we don't see the array questions or the variable answer either. Please update your post with the relevant code. – JBDouble05 Oct 11 at 21:29
  • This kind of bugs happens a lot when using the jQuery library. To prevent these problems, make your mind to either prefer jQuery alternative over pure JS or vice versa. – Reza Oct 11 at 22:18

Your radio button element is not in a jQuery wrapper object, so the jQuery method val() won't work.


if(selectOption.value == questions[answer]) {


  • Thanks, I tried and it work. I will be more careful not to mix JS and JQuery in the same function – Kelly Tran Oct 14 at 20:29

The reason your code is not working is because you're comparing a Boolean (selectOption.val() [which is wrong anyway - it should be selectOption.value]) to an element of an array (questions[answer]), and then in your else if statement you're asking if selectOption is true. This code will always run.

Fixing your code only requires you to change this:

if (selectOption.val() == questions[answer]) {...}

Into something like this:

if (selectOption.attr("id") == questions[answer]) {...}

With the HTML like this:

<input type="radio" id="Chocolate-ice-cream" />

And your questions array like this:

var questions = ["Chocolate is used in what flavour of ice cream", "Chocolate-ice-cream", ...];

Hopefully what I've said makes sense, but please tell me if you don't understand anything.

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