A friend was asked this question at a Javascript job interview today:

Why does ++a increment twice ?

a = b = 9**17-2
console.log(a-b) //Why is it 2 ?

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    I'm getting 0 as a result of this code – Eugene Tsakh Oct 11 at 22:04
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    floating point precision is fun – GottZ Oct 11 at 22:05
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    its not safe integer, check Number.isSafeInteger(9**17-2) its false – dankobgd Oct 11 at 22:06
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    though i know what causes this, i think it's a bad interview question. i don't like indirect questions. solving them is always like playing a lottery. sometimes you get it right away, sometimes you just have a bad day. – GottZ Oct 11 at 22:08
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It's because the value is larger than Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER and cannot be represented exactly with IEEE754 double precision numbers (that JS uses as its number representation format)

16677181699666566 is 1101100111111110011101111001100010000001100101000011 in IEEE754 double precision

and 16677181699666568 is 1101100111111110011101111001100010000001100101000100

You see that binary still differs by one, but it's not enough precision to display it properly in human readable format.

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