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volume = (4/3 * PI) * (Math.Pow(5, 3));
return volume;

The code above should return 523.6 but it returns 392.7. I can't figure it out but its probably something stupid that I am missing. Changing it to be a double literal does not change the problem.

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4 and 3 are both ints so dividing them will produce an int, 1. This is probably not the value you were expecting.

You have to cast the 4 to a double before computing the quotient with 3.

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    cast or make at least one of them a double literal, e.g. 4.0 – bolov Oct 11 at 22:15

You can also just change 4 to 4.0, since yes the issue is that it is a integer so something called Integer Division happens.

volume = (4.0/3.0 * PI) * (Math.Pow(5, 3));
return volume;

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