I am trying to parse a list of tests from the following code snippet and I am not able to get the syntax right. Can someone please help me with the right way to parse through the tests. Appreciate any help, thanks. The Promise that I am using is from the following package

'package com.atlassian.util.concurrent;'

Promise<Iterable<TestExecution.Test>> tests = this.getTests(testExecutionKey);

Here is my getTests method. getAndParse() is coming from the AbstractAsynchronousRestClient class in the following package

package com.atlassian.jira.rest.client.internal.async;

public Promise<Iterable<TestExecution.Test>> getTests(TestExecution testExecution) {
    UriBuilder uriBuilder=UriBuilder.fromUri(baseUri);
    return this.getAndParse(uriBuilder.build(testExecution.getKey()),this.testsParser);

Here is the link to the GitHub project which I am trying to modify according to my needs. https://github.com/wapophis/XrayJiraRestClient/blob/master/src/main/java/es/cuatrogatos/jira/xray/rest/client/core/internal/async/AsyncTestExecRestClient.java

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