I'm having an issue with SonarQube while using public static variables, the problem is that SonarQube want that to be public static final, this variable is being filled in other parts of the code, it is "dynamically" (filled with environment variable) then is used in all other classes.

This is the arrayList variable

public static List<String> listPersons = new ArrayList<>();

Errors by Sonar:

1- Make this "public static listPersons" field final
2- Make listPersons a static final constant or non-public and provide accessors if needed
3- Make this member "protected"

What's the best approach to fix this problem?


Technically, you can have the (reference of) the variable final and still have its contents dynamically filled at some later point:

public static final List<String> listPersons = new ArrayList<>();


public void initialize() {
    List<String> contents = populateContentsFromEnvironmentVariable();

However, using a "mutable-content" constant such as this one introduces possible problems. For example, you need to make sure that client code doesn't read the list before it has been populated. You might want to reconsider your design so that environment-specific properties are only initialized once and preferably encapsulated so that they are accessed through accessor methods instead of static constants; this would also allow lazy, on-demand initialization, caching etc.

  • I've tried that and get fixed just a part but now I have this another one: Make this member "protected". it want to make listPersons as protected... – Javier Salas Oct 12 '18 at 1:57
  • Is the variable public static final or just public static? It should be the former. – Mick Mnemonic Oct 16 '18 at 11:34
  • is public static final – Javier Salas Oct 16 '18 at 15:49
  • Then if it's only used within the same package (or subclasses), you can lower the visibility to protected (i.e. protected static final). Always expose as little data as possible. – Mick Mnemonic Oct 16 '18 at 15:51

The best approach is not to create public static but not final fields. Because it can lead to problems with sharing this data between threads.

In your case, you can create a static final and immutable list.


The best way would be to have a static list initialized like that:

//Static final and unmodifiable list
private static final List<String> listPersons = createListPersons();

private static final createListPersons() {
      List<String> listPersonsTemp = getPersonsFromEnvironmentVariable();
      return Collections.unmodifiableList(listPersonsTemp);

public static final List<String> getListPersons(){
  return listPersons;

This way you ensure that your list will is unmodifiable and accessed only via a getter. In this way the Sonar will not complain about the access modifiers.

Since the List contains Strings and is unmodifiable it can be considered immutable.

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