How can I parse the input when it is a list of paths?

file_in = input("Insert paths: ")  # foo.jpg "C:\Program Files\bar.jpg"
print(file_in)  # foo.jpg "C:\Program Files\bar.jpg"

I'm looking for a clean way to get the input foo.jpg "C:\Program Files\bar.jpg" in a list ['foo.jpg', 'C:\Program Files\bar.jpg'] (note the quotes in the second path because of the space in Program Files).

Is there something like argparse but for input()s?
What is the best way to handle it?


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Here is what you want:

import shlex

file_in = input("Insert paths: ")  # foo.jpg "C:\Program Files\bar.jpg"
print(shlex.split(file_in))  # foo.jpg "C:\Program Files\bar.jpg"


['foo.jpg', 'C:\\Program Files\\bar.jpg']

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