I have generated a ddl file with the SQL Data Modeller tool. However, when I try to import the ddl script, it executes but there aren't any tables under the tree node view (except the system ones, because I am logged in as the sys user)? Does this mean that they were not created (generated by the script) at all?

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    Don't do that - leave SYS alone. Create another user and do whatever you're doing there. As of your question: no idea, I don't use that. – Littlefoot Oct 12 '18 at 5:03
  • This kind of question may be better suited at dba.stackexchange.com – George Menoutis Oct 12 '18 at 7:53

Create a new user -this will be the schema for your objects.

You can do this in your model - create the user in your physical model, then assign that schema for all of your objects

I show how to do this in DETAIL with lots of pictures here.

When you generate the DDL, it should create the user and then each object CREATE statement will have the USER.OBJECT_NAME notation.

enter image description here

You could run this script as SYS.

Your other option is to create a new user, login as that user, and then run your scripts.

But don't ever ever create objects in SYS or the SYSTEM accounts.

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