I have the following big table (millions of records):

1   xxxAAAAyyyypppzzz      1
2   AAAA5555%%%%ppp        1
3   sdfh@@@jhBBB&&&&       2
4   ^^^^^^###poiuBBBnn@@@  2
5   CCCCCrthsdfoi fgsdjhk  3
6   asdffasdCCCCC92356     3
7   ….  

As can be seen what is common to line 1 and 2 is the sub string AAAA and zzz. For lines 3 and 4 - BBB as well @@@ as and lines 5 to 6 - CCCCC. I would like to use a model/algorithm that will automatically find the rules beyond the strings and its output will be something like:

AAAA,zzz -> 1
BBB, @@@ -> 2
CCCCC -> 3

There should be taken into account that there might be some more columns that might contain also numerical or text and the rules might be in decision tree format.

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    you could use character n-grams(example) based on the target and find the character n-grams which match – casualcoder Oct 12 at 5:50