I'm trying to publish https://bintray.com/mvysny/github/com.github.kaributesting onto JCenter, but the process fails with "Failed to send a message: The version control git returns 404.". Any tips on this please? Bintray, could you please make your error messages a bit more specific?

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The reason was that I simply had "git" stated in the Version control field. The field's hint says it should be URL but the field is not validated, so git was accepted. I think it's supposed to point to the sources of the project. When I changed that to https://github.com/mvysny/karibu-testing it worked.

  • In my case the culprit was sbt-bintray plugin that I used to release the package. I tried changing the url to start with git://git@gitlab.com and that worked ... I'm wondering whether that is a bad idea though (should it start with https as you said)?
    – Luciano
    Jan 9, 2019 at 10:11

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