All my XHTML pages begin with following code and contain a <c:set> definition in which Java EE ViewController is assigned to a variable named vCfor ViewController.

<!DOCTYPE html>

<html xmlns=""

    <ui:composition template="../templates/MainPage.xhtml">
        <ui:param name="viewController" value="#{postLabListViewController}"/>

        <ui:define name="contenu">
            <c:set var="vC" value="#{postLabListViewController}"/>

In the rest I can than use #{vC.method()} insteat of #{postLabListViewController.method()} what is shorter but also more readable (for me).

Example (that's working fine) of using #{vC

<p:panel id="panelPerformance"
    <h:outputText id="ajaxout1"

If I use #{vC in <f:ajax> element as shown in following lines of xhtml code.

    <f:ajax event="valueChange"

the browser is returning an error when value is changed (not before) !

Why putting #{vC. in <f:ajax> doesn't work ?

Is there a JSF or Java EE explanation to this fact ?

  • Tried with a different component? And also please try with plain jsf f:ajax inside a plain jsf component (no computer at hand so I cannot try) And if you are using jsf 2.2, please switch to using jsf-2.2 namespaces – Kukeltje Oct 12 at 10:10
  • I have tested with JSF component and I have same behavior. I will no adapt my question and remove Primefaces name because it is not more a Primefaces question. – schlebe Oct 15 at 11:58

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