I have a query being generated in codeigniter which is searching for a like with an ampersand (&). The query its generating works perfectly when querying the database directly, but codeigniter is not returning any results.

I have the following sql query in codeigniter:

$where = array('name' => '&');
$this->db->select('*, organisations.postcode, organisations.id ');
$this->db->limit(20, 0);
$this->db->join('contacts','contacts.id = organisations.main_contact_id','left');

This is creating the query:

SELECT *, `organisations`.`postcode`, `organisations`.`id` FROM `organisations` LEFT JOIN `contacts` ON `contacts`.`id` = `organisations`.`main_contact_id` WHERE name LIKE '%&%' ESCAPE '!' LIMIT 20

The query works, codeigniter does not.


You might use ESCAPE as :

WHERE name LIKE '%\!&%' ESCAPE '\!'

Rextester Demo

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