I'm a beginner in Delphi but I need to add multiple other languages support to current application.

Projects->Languages->Add(languages) does not work in my version of Delphi and gives these errors on compiling:

[Error] E1026 File not found: 'vcl\DBLOGDLG.dfm'
[Error] E1026 File not found: 'vcl\DBPWDLG.dfm'

I tried creating my own translation by adding them to [root]/lang/ en.rc , lt.rc, lv.rc Example of lang.rc

    telefon_monitor L"Phone Monitoring"
    koned L"Calls"
    alates L"From"
    kuni L"Until"
    vali_numbrid L"Choose numbers"
    otsi L"Search"
    tolgi L"Translate"
    satted L"Settings"
    salvesta L"Save"
    lisa_rida L"Add row"

I have no idea how to read them.

Does anyone have any better idea how to load translations? What I want to do is, read config.ini [language] section and based that display translation from .rc file or some better extensions.

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