I am facing the issue in updation of total length of the grid.
Issue: when I am filtering any column in the grid the Total Length of the grid is stilling showing 29 as in highlighted section of the image but it should show only 1 here.

Screen Shot of the issue

My code of the grid in following:

  • Store:

            stores: { customAttributeStore: {
                type: 'store',
                model: 'MyApp.CCRCustomAttributesModel',
                pageSize: 10,
                remoteSort: false,
                remoteFilter: false,
                autoLoad: false,
                proxy: {
                    type: 'memory',
                    enablePaging: true,
                    data: [],
                    reader: {
                        type: 'json'
                filters: [],

    Note : All other perplexities remains default & working for others grid.

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