valid_item: attached item as l_i and then l_i.valid_for_insert or l_i.valid_for_update

why do I have an unknown identifier here with l_i??!!!


Try with

valid_item: attached item as l_i and then (l_i.valid_for_insert or l_i.valid_for_update)

Note you can also do

item_set: attached item as l_i 
valid_item: l_i.valid_for_insert or l_i.valid_for_update

you can reuse the object test local variable l_i from a previous precondition.

  • Very nice answer! could you explain me why? what is the priority of evaluation without parenthesis? – Pipo Oct 12 '18 at 17:07
  • 1
    a and then b or c is (a and then b) or c - and, and then behave the same. and then is used when you want to be sure the "right" operand is evaluated only if the "left" one is True. It is also used for Void-safety, as usually the right operand must be applied on non Void object. – Jocelyn Oct 17 '18 at 15:01

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