I am using jpql and i am trying to set the date parameters to fetch the records in between the dates. But the jpa is adding timestamp as 00:00:00.0. So if i give same from date and to date I am not getting the records. I want only date not timestamp.

Here is my code

private Date createDate;

private Date updateDate;

public VwFicCorDatasheet() {

 query.setParameter("fromDate", fromDate,TemporalType.DATE);
        query.setParameter("toDate", toDate,TemporalType.DATE);

But it is jpa is producing timestamp, because of that i am not getting the result.

[params=(Timestamp) 2018-10-12 00:00:00.0, (Timestamp) 2018-10-12 
 [10/12/18 18:36:02:234 CEST] 0000058e SQL           3   openjpa.jdbc.SQL: 
  Trace: <t -1127829451, conn -124634172> [1 ms] spent

Could anyone can help me Please.

Thanks, Hari.

  • you specified a DATE, so the TIME will be null ... hence that is correct. You seem to have not bothered posting the JPQL – Billy Frost Oct 12 '18 at 16:55

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