Is it possible to work with a Windows python interpreter from an OS X PyCharm instance?

I'm developing some python code for the Windows environment (uses Windows-specific packages) but would like to stay in the OS X environment for all the development. I was hoping PyCharm's Remote Interpreter option over SSH would allow this, but I keep getting the following error. It appears after connecting OS X PyCharm to a Windows 10 Anaconda interpreter (over SSH).

Couldn't refresh skeletons for remote interpreter
failed to run for sftp://[username]@[host]:22/Users/[username]/AppData/Local/Continuum/anaconda2/python.exe, exit code 1, stderr: 
'env' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.~

A few (possibly) helpful pieces of info:

  • SSH server is the Windows 10 built-in OpenSSH
  • I get the above error even when I try connecting to the same remote interpreter (via SSH) from Windows PyCharm. This suggests to me that the issue isn't caused by mixing platforms.
  • Finally, I can connect to and interact with the desired Windows Anaconda interpreter from OS X PyCharm using the built-in Start SSH session (in the Tools menu). This also works from Windows PyCharm. Things start going south when I try to use it as the project interpreter.

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