I have a table production.productioninventory with these columns and sample data:

productID   shelf
  1           A
  2           B 
  3           C
  4          N/A

I want to change shelf data into 'available' which are not N/A

For example:

productID   shelf
1           available
2           available
3           available
4           not available 

This will work:

1) Using CASE

UPDATE production.productioninventory 
SET shelf = CASE  
                WHEN shelf = 'N/A' THEN 'not available' 
                ELSE 'available' 

2) Using IIF

UPDATE production.productioninventory 
SET shelf = IIF(shelf = 'N/A', 'not available' , 'available')
select productID, 
       case when shelf = 'N/A' 
            then 'not available'
            else 'available'
       end as shelf
from productioninventory 
UPDATE production.productioninventory SET shelf = 'not available' WHERE shelf = 'N/A'
UPDATE production.productioninventory SET shelf = 'available' WHERE shelf <> 'N/A'
  • why use 2 update statement ? – Squirrel Oct 13 '18 at 6:16
  • @Squirrel just for simplicity, you can use case when structure and merge it to one statement – Amin Mozhgani Oct 13 '18 at 6:20
  • Yes. Exactly... – Squirrel Oct 13 '18 at 6:21

You may not even need to change the data. Instead, just add a computed column:

alter table production.productioninventory
    add availability as (case when shelf = 'N/A' then 'not available' else 'available' end);

This becomes part of the table definition and is available in your queries.

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