Can't figure out whats the problem,i wanted to make a program that takes a line of strings and return the words along with their type as decribed in the "In" function.

This is the code

def __init__(self):

    self.Action = "Action"
    self.Noun = "Noun"
    self.Shit = "Shit"
    self.Error = "Error"

    ACTION = ["Go","Kill","Jump"]
    NOUN = ["Lion","Building","World"]
    SHIT = ["shit","shit5"]

def Hard_worker(word):
    Action = "Action"
    Noun = "Noun"
    Shit = "Shit"
    Error = "Error"

    raw_data = word.lower()

    if raw_data in Action:
    elif raw_data in Noun:
    elif raw_data in Shit:

def scan(line):
    print"Scanning the line %r" % line

    words = line.split()
    return map(Hard_worker(words))

scan("Go Kill Jump")

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • You should review the construction of a class and variable scope. Your __init__ method is wasted. Also, case matters in variable names: Action, self.Action, and ACTION are all different variables and exist in different scopes. – stolenmoment Oct 14 '18 at 11:34
return map(Hard_worker(words))

That's not how you call map. The function and the iterable must be two arguments.

return map(Hard_worker, words)

You can also use a list comprehension here.

return [Hard_worker(word) for word in words]

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