I'm very sorry but I'm not a developer. I came here to ask this question because there are no solutions that have worked for anyone across the internet. I mainly wanted to get opinions from you developers. If there is a workaround or if we just have to wait until it gets fixed.

I've spent weeks Googling this issue. I've seen people have this issue across so many different forums with no solutions. LG G7 Sprint Android 8.0

To describe it, the media volume fluctuates randomly. It can go down for a few seconds to a few minutes and then spike back up to normal volume and drop back down. Usually, when I start and stop the music it will sometimes go back to normal but will then continue to fluctuate not long after.

It doesn't matter what kind of phone it is and it's not specific to any app. The only responses I usually find are pretty much the tech support answers of restarting the phone, try different headphones, etc.

So I'm going to try and remember and list all of the things I've tried along with many other people to no avail.

  1. I've rebooted the phone
  2. Took the battery out
  3. Entered Safe Mode
  4. Cleared cache through safe mode
  5. It's strictly the media (music) volume. Not the ringer or notifications or anything else.
  6. My buttons are not stuck because the icon would show the buttons turning it down. There are no warnings or indications of the volume turning down.
  7. I tried with 3D sound, the equalizer, Do Not Disturb, on and off with no results
  8. My apps do not auto update so there are no changes.
  9. Any new apps, I cleared the storage data and cache and uninstalled.
  10. It happens regardless of whatever app is playing media (default music app, Spotify, Youtube, etc).so it's not the apps themselves
  11. I've tried downloading alternative music and video apps.
  12. It doesn't matter what kind of headphones. Bluetooth, wired, even without headphones it does it. Tried multiple headphones and different Bluetooth sources to no avail.
  13. Haven't done a factory reset because I have some things I can't back up (I've heard many others already tried this and it did not solve the issue.)
  14. I'm not rooted.
  15. I've tried both Bluetooth audio and regular audio lockers to prevent volume going down but no dice.

There's probably a few more things that I've tried but couldn't remember to type them down. The only thing that seems to fit any kind of pattern or makes sense is something called "Audio Focus" or "Audio Ducking. Where the volume will lower for another app or if you get a notification. I'm not even getting notifications and it still goes crazy. Just for giggles, I turned off all of my notifications from the app menu and still, it persists. I've even found apps like Rocket Music Player and a few others that can change the focus but those didn't work either. I think also it seems most people having this issue seems to be with newer phones so maybe it has to do with Android 8.0 or higher?

In any case, I'm still looking through Google, forums, Youtube and hoping someone finds an answer to where this issue can be fixed.

As I've stated, I'm not a developer and not super tech savvy but if there is a solution that you are aware of that can work for everyone, I will at least try to learn a little.

Thank you.

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