Does Erlang/OTP's odbc module support connection pooling?

Searching for this directly leads to very old documentation which states explicitly that "Connection pooling is not supported."

The current Erlang odbc documentation do not mention how to configure it, or if it is available at all.


I am not using odbc at all but as I can see from Erlang ODBC doc

Erlang ODBC application is designed using the version 3.0 of the ODBC-standard

and according to this page ODBC Connection pooling

As of release 2.0.0 of unixODBC the driver supports connection pooling. This is a method to increase the connection speed of drivers, but leaving connection's open and reusing them. This document discusses how to implement connection pooling in unixODBC, and also what you should be aware of before doing it.

So it means that Erlang ODBC support connection pooling

but I feel that you cant accept any options of pool directly from the Erlang application

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