I'm new to discord.js. I'm trying to check if a message contains a link like "Hi, I'm from discord.gg/xxxxx and now I'll spam my link".
How can I check if the message contain the link?


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I am unsure if you want to check for discord invite links specifically, or if you want to check for all links. Either way, you can use message.content.includes.


bot.on('message', (message) => { //whenever a message is sent
  if (message.content.includes('discord.gg/'||'discordapp.com/invite/')) { //if it contains an invite link
    message.delete() //delete the message
      .then(message.channel.send('Link Deleted:\n**Invite links are not permitted on this server**'))

  • It is important to include discordapp.com/invite in your code as well, because links like that can be used to bypass your link-filtering.
    – Tobyhn
    Nov 3, 2018 at 8:08
  • Nowadays you must also include discord.com/invite as those are valid invites that will be embedded. Jan 9, 2021 at 18:42

I find this is the best:

let regx = /^((?:https?:)?\/\/)?((?:www|m)\.)? ((?:discord\.gg|discordapp\.com))/g
let cdu = regx.test(message.content.toLowerCase().replace(/\s+/g, ''))

Tell me if it works!


What you are doing works but you don't need .then() just leave the message.channel.send() as it is.


You can try this:

bot.on(`message`, async message => {
    const bannedWords = [`discord.gg`, `.gg/`, `.gg /`, `. gg /`, `. gg/`, `discord .gg /`, `discord.gg /`, `discord .gg/`, `discord .gg`, `discord . gg`, `discord. gg`, `discord gg`, `discordgg`, `discord gg /`]
    try {
        if (bannedWords.some(word => message.content.toLowerCase().includes(word))) {
            if (message.author.id === message.guild.ownerID) return;
            await message.delete();
            await message.channel.send(`You cannot send invites to other Discord servers`);
    } catch (e) {

(There was a missing ")")


You can check this using Regular Expressions (RegEX)


// The message to check for a Discord link
var message = "Hi, please join discord.gg/a2dsc for cool conversations";

// The message will be tested on "discord.gg/{any character or digit}"
var containsDiscordUrl = message.test(/discord.gg\/\w*\d*);

// If the test has found a URL..
if (containsDiscordUrl) { // ... Do something }
let regexp = /^(?:(?:https?|ftp):\/\/)?(?:(?!(?:10|127)(?:\.\d{1,3}){3})(?!(?:169\.254|192\.168)(?:\.\d{1,3}){2})(?!172\.(?:1[6-9]|2\d|3[0-1])(?:\.\d{1,3}){2})(?:[1-9]\d?|1\d\d|2[01]\d|22[0-3])(?:\.(?:1?\d{1,2}|2[0-4]\d|25[0-5])){2}(?:\.(?:[1-9]\d?|1\d\d|2[0-4]\d|25[0-4]))|(?:(?:[a-z\u00a1-\uffff0-9]-*)*[a-z\u00a1-\uffff0-9]+)(?:\.(?:[a-z\u00a1-\uffff0-9]-*)*[a-z\u00a1-\uffff0-9]+)*(?:\.(?:[a-z\u00a1-\uffff]{2,})))(?::\d{2,5})?(?:\/\S*)?$/;

I think this is helping you.


(?:(?:https?|ftp):\/\/)? - http, https, or ftp

(?:(?! ... )(?! ... )(?! ... )) - These are negative lookup statements, used to ensure that the IP address does not fall into specific reserved ranges.

(?:[1-9]\d?|1\d\d|2[01]\d|22[0-3])| (?:\.(?:1?\d{1,2}|2[0-4]\d|25[0-5])){2} | (?:\.(?:[1-9]\d?|1\d\d|2[0-4]\d|25[0-4])) - check IPv4

(?:(?:[a-z\u00a1-\uffff0-9]-*)*[a-z\u00a1-\uffff0-9]+) - check domain name

(?:\.(?:[a-z\u00a1-\uffff0-9]-*)*[a-z\u00a1-\uffff0-9]+)* - check sub domain

(?:\.(?:[a-z\u00a1-\uffff]{2,})) - check top-level domain

(?::\d{2,5})? - cehck port number

(?:\/\S*)?$ - check optional path

Use this regex for discord invite check

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