I am trying to use pentaho which I downloaded from sourceforge (pentaho files). I run the schema-workbench shell correctly and a window opens with the interface, but I still haven't been able to connect to the admin console on http://localhost:8080/pentaho. Any ideas on which this doesn't seem to work for me? Best regards


You have a start-pentaho.sh which launches (after a long the first time) the pentaho server on port 8080.

That is, if you have downloaded the correct package, because Pentaho contains many packages: one is the server, another one is the client-tools which contains the schema-workbench as well as the pdi (Pentaho Data Integrator), and the prd (Pentaho Report Designer) as well as few others.

  • I see, thanks. The shells I had downloaded are workbench.sh (with launches the schema workbench) and set-pentaho-env.sh, which apparently does nothing. I will look into other packages to download. – Panda Oct 15 '18 at 15:55

You are running the wrong file. To open the pentaho console, you need to download the PNTAHO SERVER and run 'start-pentaho.sh'

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