I am relatively new in the field of Data Mining. I am currently doing Some Data preprocessing algorithms such as PCA and min max Normalization. Our professor said we could download the data sets available over the web. But at initial level I want a simple data set with relatively small number of attributes for my algorithm, and would then switch to various complex data sets.

Can anyone provide a link for simple data sets which you must have used in your data mining algorithms? e.g. something pertaining to marks of students, age, height etc or employee data of a company. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  • several hundred data sets here – anon Mar 12 '11 at 5:15
  1. Infochimps.com
  2. Researchpipeline.com

More and many more links here: Some Datasets Available on the Web

I used stackoverflow's data for my data mining class.

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I am not sure this is going to help or not, but I gathered some websites that provided useful Data when I was working with recommender systems.

Here it is


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  • Your findings will definitely going to help others looking for datasets. – Algorithmist Jun 23 '13 at 12:48

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