I have a pretty large project that needs to be localized. The first thing to do is to wrap all string literals into NSLocalizedString and I am wonder if Xcode has a way to create "wrap-around" code snippet.

Here's what I want: say I have this code:

let str = "Hello World"

I want to select the "Hello world" part, then shortcut key and Xcode should change it to:

let str = NSLocalizedString("Hello World", #comment#)

where #comment# is a placeholder.

Question: how can I create a code snippet for something like this?


Xcode already supports this. Put the cursor anywhere in the string and then click the "Editor" menu. Select "Refactor" and then "Wrap in NSLocalizedString".

This options appears in a real project, not in a playground.

If you want to make this simpler you can assign a shortcut. In Xcode go to Preferences. Then select the Key Bindings tab. Find the "Wrap in NSLocalizedString" command and assign a desired shortcut.

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