I have a list of lists like this,

big_list = [[1,3,5], [1,2,5], [9,3,5]]

sec_list = [1,3,5]

I want to iterate through the big_list and check each list values against the sec_list. While I check, I want to store the values that are not matching into a another list of lists. So, I did this:

sma_list = []
for each in big_list:
    for i,j in zip(each, sec_list):
        if i!=j:

I get the result like this:

[2, 9]

However, I need a list of lists like this,

[[2], [9]]

How can I achieve this?


Short answer,


Enclosing a value in square brackets makes it the first element of a one element list.

This will only work correctly if you have one missing element per list. You're much better off using a comprehension for the whole thing:

sma_list = [[i for i, j in zip(each, sec_list) if i != j] for each in big_list]
  • Nice, What does that [] do when I append? putting it to a list? – user9431057 Oct 15 '18 at 1:00
  • List comprehension way is nice. However, if I do inn traditional way like I have, how can I modify that to check for many elements? I have been googling "list of lists" in python, hard to find something that compares a list :( – user9431057 Oct 15 '18 at 1:09

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