Having trouble getting the "class" designations being upper case. I currently have...

var clas = $("<p></p>");
    clas = clas.toUpperCase();

var chrs = [
    {name:"Optimus Prime", class: "leader", afl:"autobot", vehicle:"truck"},
    {name:"Megatron", class: "leader", afl:"decepitcon", vehicle:"tank"},
    {name:"Bumblebee", class: "scout", afl:"autobot", vehicle:"car"},
    {name:"Starscream", class: "scout", afl:"decepticon", vehicle:"plane"},
    {name:"Ironhide", class: "soldier", afl:"autobot", vehicle:"truck"},
    {name:"Brawl", class: "soldier", afl:"decepticon", vehicle:"tank"},
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    what is it you are trying to achieve? – Dacre Denny Oct 15 at 1:27
  • in the characters' "class" data, all of those values' letters should be capitalized when displayed in the div (so 'leader' should become 'LEADER') – user10504830 Oct 15 at 1:28
  • You'll need to clarify a bit more. Your first two lines create a <p> element and then try to uppercase it, which doesn't make much sense (I'd expect that to throw an error about toUpperCase() not being a function of that variable, but I may be mistaken). You're also not doing anything with chrs. – Tyler Roper Oct 15 at 1:29
  • so you want to change class values in chrs to uppercase, and display the result as a list in your <p /> ? – Dacre Denny Oct 15 at 1:30
  • // loop through the above array to append a div // the appended div should always have the ".character" class // display the characters name, class, and vehicle in the div // Information should be displayed as "Name: Optimus Prime", with the next line of information on a different line // If the character being looped through has an afl of autobot/decepticon, give them either a class of "autobot", or "decepitcon" // in the top right, based on the top information, insert an img elemnt for either the autobot or decepticon – user10504830 Oct 15 at 1:31

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