I am trying to install Kafka docker image on windows 10, but it is always saying "image operating system "linux" cannot be used on this platform".

Note: I am in "Windows container mode".

Although, if I change the docker setting "Switch to Linux containers", then there are various images on docker like spotify/kafka, wurstmeister/kafka which I am able to install.

Question: Do we have an image of kafka on docker hub which can be install on windows while in Winodws Container mode?

  • Can you provide a link to the kafka image you are trying to pull from Dockerhub? Oct 15, 2018 at 7:02

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I didn't find one - I think the reasons are:

  • Everyone uses Kafka on linux for production
  • Supporting all flavours of Windows container requires a bunch of tags
  • Linux containers work with Docker CE

That said, I made a dev/test windows container dockerfile for kafka which I've shared on GitHub, and you can build locally.

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