I am having WDF driver installing using WiX installer via custom action using API DriverPackageInstall. but its failing with error "0x80030005" STG_E_ACCESSDENIED. I am running as admin (assuming no priviledge issues) created test "c" console application that is able to install driver successfully.

     <Custom Action='UninstallDriver'
                    REMOVE~="ALL" OR REINSTALL</Custom>
  <CustomAction Id='UninstallDriver'

Not able to figure why is it failing enabled full logs and checked.

MSI (s) (E8:50) [11:56:09:296]: Invoking remote custom action. DLL: C:\Windows\Installer\XXXXXX.tmp, Entrypoint: InstallMyDriver
CustomAction InstallMY.XXXXX_9XX_XXXX_XXXX_XXXXXXXX returned actual error code 1603 (note this may not be 100% accurate if translation happened inside sandbox)
Action ended 11:56:10: InstallFinalize. Return value 3.
MSI (s) (E8:38) [11:56:10:144]: Note: 1: 2265 2:  3: -2147287035 
MSI (s) (E8:38) [11:56:10:144]: User policy value 'DisableRollback' is 0
MSI (s) (E8:38) [11:56:10:144]: Machine policy value 'DisableRollback' is 0

Checked INF file is present at expected input location.

Any help appreciated.


Similar Answer: WiX silent install unable to launch built in .EXE: WiX v3

Driver element: Why do you not use WiX's built-in difx:Driver element / construct? I am wondering if you have a system context / impersonation problem? By using the built-in driver element you get more "auto-magic" in the sense that you can avoid certain common problems that occur when you do things "manually".

Blast From The Past: Here is a previous answer which tersely describes this element. I have unfortunately not been able to test it properly myself: How do I use WiX to deploy an INF-based USB driver Plus all the start menu shortcuts and desktop icons

Testing: I would definitely give this element a try, just comment out your existing custom actions and give it a try.

   <File ... /> 
   <difx:Driver ... />

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  • Thanks for quick response, it works fine with difx:Driver construct. – user3664223 Oct 16 '18 at 4:58
  • 1
    Great news. Please be sure to test deployment via SCCM or deployment systems if you can (to test for impersonation issues - the installation of your MSI without a logged on context and other strange issues). I also want to alert you to how driver installation seems to be changing. Microsoft seems to want to eliminate driver installation as part of regular setups (or at least put the main driver distribution online via Windows Update). That is all I know basically. – Stein Åsmul Oct 16 '18 at 5:02
  • apologies for incomplete message, I think there are some issues with difx:Driver tag so we are suggested to use DriverPackageInstall. – user3664223 Oct 16 '18 at 5:09
  • I am not able to figure out what is causing error "0x80030005" STG_E_ACCESSDENIED, even after running as ADMIN – user3664223 Oct 16 '18 at 5:41
  • 1
    As you understand I don't really know much about writing drivers. I was referring to user-context access in HKCU or user profile. I suppose you could do some procmon.exe on that console application you wrote that does the test install, just to see what is actually going on. – Stein Åsmul Oct 16 '18 at 7:15

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