I have a batch process, written in PHP and embedded in a Docker container. Basically, it loads data from several webservices, do some computation on data (during ~1h), and post computed data to an other webservice, then the container exit (with a return code of 0 if OK, 1 if failure somewhere on the process). During the process, some logs are written on STDOUT or STDERR. The batch must be triggered once a day.

I was wondering what is the best AWS service to use to schedule, execute, and monitor my batch process :

  • at the very begining, I used a EC2 machine with a crontab : no high-availibilty function here, so I decided to switch to a more PaaS approach.
  • then, I was using Elastic Beanstalk for Docker, with a non-functional Webserver (only to reply to the Healthcheck), and a Crontab inside the container to wake-up my batch command once a day. With autoscalling rule min=1 max=1, I have HA (if the container crash or if the VM crash, it is restarted by AWS)
  • but now, to be more efficient, I decided to move to some ECS service, and have an approach where I do not need to have EC2 instances awake 23/24 for nothing. So I tried Fargate.
  • with Fargate I defined my task (Fargate type, not the EC2 type), and configure everything on it.
  • I create a Cluster to run my task : I can run "by hand, one time" my task, so I know every settings are corrects.

Now, going deeper in Fargate, I want to have my task executed once a day.

  • It seems to work fine when I used the Scheduled Task feature of ECS : the container start on time, the process run, then the container stop. But CloudWatch is missing some metrics : CPUReservation and CPUUtilization are not reported. Also, there is no way to know if the batch quit with exit code 0 or 1 (all execution stopped with status "STOPPED"). So i Cant send a CloudWatch alarm if the container execution failed.

  • I use the "Services" feature of Fargate, but it cant handle a batch process, because the container is started every time it stops. This is normal, because the container do not have any daemon. There is no way to schedule a service. I want my container to be active only when it needs to work (once a day during at max 1h). But the missing metrics are correctly reported in CloudWatch.

Here are my questions : what are the best suitable AWS managed services to trigger a container once a day, let it run to do its task, and have reporting facility to track execution (CPU usage, batch duration), including alarm (SNS) when task failed ?

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We had the same issue with identifying failed jobs. I propose you take a look into AWS Batch where logs for FAILED jobs are available in CloudWatch Logs; Take a look here. One more thing you should consider is total cost of ownership of whatever solution you choose eventually. Fargate, in this regard, is quite expensive.


may be too late for your projects but still I thought it could benefit others. Have you had a look at AWS Step Functions? It is possible to define a workflow and start tasks on ECS/Fargate (or jobs on EKS for that matter), wait for the results and raise alarms/send emails...

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