After installing a new window on my laptop, my databases got lost because I installed new xampp again in c drive. Before changing window, xampp was installed in f drive instead of c drive. So, right now, I have two xampp folders. 1 is in C drive (newly installed) and other is in F drive (old xampp). And that old folder is still having all projects and files as it is. But now the problem is that when I open "localhost/...", It opens mySql where no database exists. Is there any way to get my .sql databases back to original so that I can save a lot of time of mine. Thanks a lot.

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It's impossible to locate your old db... you can only access your db with tables but can't recover you data in the tables... Follow this... Drive location:\xampp\mysql\data

Here you can find you db.. Just copy db that you want and place that into your newly install xampp(mysql\data).


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