We are using jest for mocking. I have a function which will greet us based on the time that file looks like below:

export default function getGreetingMessage() {
  const today = new Date();
  const curHr = today.getHours();

  if (curHr < 12) {
      return 'Good morning';
  } else if (curHr < 18) {
      return 'Good afternoon';
  return 'Good evening';

And My test file will look like below

import getGreetingMessage from '../messages';

describe('messages', () => {
 function setup(date) {
  const DATE_TO_USE = new Date(date);
  global.Date = jest.fn(() => DATE_TO_USE);
 it('should return good afternoon when time is greater than 12', () => {
  setup('Tue Oct 16 2018 15:49:11');
  expect(getGreetingMessage()).toEqual('Good afternoon');

it('should return good morning when time is less than 12', () => {
  setup('Tue Oct 16 2018 10:49:11');
  expect(getGreetingMessage()).toEqual('Good morning');

it('should return good evening when time is greater than than 19', () => {
  setup('Tue Oct 16 2018 19:49:11');
  expect(getGreetingMessage()).toEqual('Good evening');

When I ran each test individually it's working fine. When I ran all at a time then tests are failing.

I tried resetting the jest function. But not working.

Are there any other ways to try?

Thanks in advance :)

  • Debug the output console.log(today) and make sure it's the jest mock. – FrankerZ Oct 16 '18 at 6:05
  • Ha when I run each test its giving me the mocked one. When I run all tests together then it's giving normal date – Maharjun M Oct 16 '18 at 6:07

This is bad practice to assign a mock to a global because it cannot be cleaned up:

global.Date = jest.fn(() => DATE_TO_USE);

Unmocked Date won't be available on subsequent setup calls:

const DATE_TO_USE = new Date(date);

It's unnecessary to provide the implementation with jest.fn, it can be changed per test. Since it's Date object that is expected, original Date may be used to create instances:

const OriginalDate = Date;

beforeEach(() => {
  jest.spyOn(global, 'Date');

it('', () => {
  Date.mockImplementation(() => new OriginalDate('Tue Oct 16 2018 15:49:11'));
  expect(getGreetingMessage()).toEqual('Good afternoon');
  • Date.mockReturnedValue is throwing error. it's showing that Date.mockReturnedValue is not function. – Maharjun M Oct 16 '18 at 7:10
  • This was a typo. – estus Oct 16 '18 at 7:40
  • Does it really work? I am using the code above in TypeScript but got Property 'mockReturnValue' does not exist on type 'DateConstructor'.ts(2339) – choasia Feb 28 at 2:41
  • @choasia The question doesn't involve TS, no wonder the code causes type problems as is. Try to assert a type, (Date as jest.Mock).mockReturnValue(...) – estus Feb 28 at 10:27
  • 1
    @estus Aha, it works now. Thank you so much. By the way, I decided to use const dateToUse = new Date("Tue Oct 16 2018 11:49:11"); jest.spyOn(global, "Date").mockImplementation(() => dateToUse); to avoid the type issue above. – choasia Feb 28 at 14:01

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