I'm using the form field in Zoho and I want to scan a license disk.

This is the license disk code I get from the QR reader


Now I want it to scan and substring each individual item for example:

License plate number = 12343GP
vin number = abcdefghijklmnop
color = white
model = ranger
make = ford
type= bakkie
?? =?? 

I want to scan one time and it should automatically put it in the desired fields color make type etc..

I have tried putting the fields together but then I have to scan the same disk 5 times should I make a formula field then put in a script?


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Split the string using % as a delimiter, then use pop and shift to remove the first and last blank elements:

var str = "%MVL1CC17%0139%4024B00K%1%4024047DWMR8%12343GP%WMS659W%Pick-up/Bakkie%FORD%RANGER%White/White%abcdefghijklmnop%2018-06-30%";

strArray = str.split('%');

Then, if you like, you can access them like this:

var obj = {
  plateNumber: strArray[5],
  vinNumber: strArray[11],
  color: strArray[10],
  model: strArray[9],
  make: strArray[8],
  type: strArray[7]

console.log(obj.plateNumber); // returns '12343GP'

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