Is there any way to add a code which prevents flexslider from loading all the photos. I have wp-rocket and all images load nice, the only flexslider takes 22 seconds to show up. Here is a code I have now for gallery slider. And a link to blog post with slider

    <?php header("content-type: application/x-javascript"); ?>
$absolute_path = __FILE__;
$path_to_file = explode( 'wp-content', $absolute_path );
$path_to_wp = $path_to_file[0];
require_once $path_to_wp.'/wp-load.php';

$autoplay = 'true';
$timer = 5;
$caption = 1;

if(isset($_GET['autoplay']) && empty($_GET['autoplay']))
    $autoplay = 'false';

    $timer = $_GET['timer'];

    $caption = $_GET['caption'];
          animation: "fade",
          animationLoop: true,
          itemMargin: 0,
          minItems: 1,
          maxItems: 1,
          slideshow: <?php echo esc_js($autoplay); ?>,
          controlNav: false,
          smoothHeight: true,
          slideshowSpeed: <?php echo intval($timer*1000); ?>,
          move: 1

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