I've run a ridge regression using the following code:

# Download and clean data
Hitters.data  <- Hitters
Hitters.data <- na.omit(Hitters.data)
Hitters.data$League <- as.numeric(Hitters.data$League == "A")
Hitters.data$Division <- as.numeric(Hitters.data$Division == "E")
Hitters.data$ NewLeague <- as.numeric(Hitters.data$ NewLeague == "A")

# Run ridge regression
x <-as.matrix(Hitters.data[,-which(colnames(Hitters.data)=="HmRun")])
y <- Hitters.data$HmRun
ridge.model.best = glmnet(x,y,alpha=0,lambda=0.814517)

I want to print the regression results using the stargazer package, but I'm not sure how.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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