I am using Tensorboard to find why my tensorflow model is not training properly. The below graph shows three weights (W, W_1 and W_2). W_1 and W_2 are initialized identically (as random_normal) with the exception of shape. W_2 trains properly but W_1 does not train at all. One is orange and the other is pink. Does this suggest the problem and if so, can anyone tell me how to fix it?

enter image description here


Can you share the code for the initialization of your weights and biases?

The color codes in tensorboard are a useful place to start (since no code snippets have been provided).

Note that W and W_1 have one color and W_2, B, B_1 and B_2 have another color. This means they have been initialized differently. This can explain why you get different results for W_2 and W, W_1.

A recommendation would be to go back to the initialization of all weights and spot the difference in initialization. Good luck!

  • Hi @Tina_Iris W_1 and W_2 were initialized identically - they use the same initialization function, syntax (everything I can think of) with the exception of shape. My question centers on what the colors mean since the colors of W_1 and W_2 are different and behave differently. I am hoping that the color legend for Tensorboard (if I could find one) would tell me something useful about how to debug. – user3877654 Oct 17 '18 at 18:14

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