I have my manifest.json file that is not loading.

It was loading before this, but as soon as I add the shortcut Shift + A in the commands section, it stops working:


Don't know what mistake I'm making. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Use any json validator online or paste whole json – lapkritinis Oct 16 '18 at 21:10
  • Welcome to Stack Overflow! Other users marked your question for low quality and need for improvement. I re-worded/formatted your input to make it easier to read/understand. Please review my changes to ensure they reflect your intentions. But I think your question is still not answerable. You should edit your question now, to add missing details (see Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example ). Feel free to drop me a comment in case you have further questions or feedback for me. – GhostCat Oct 17 '18 at 5:25
  • The other user is probably right. most likely, you messed up your JSON file somehow. A) you might want to include that file here or B) just use a good text editor that checks such things. – GhostCat Oct 17 '18 at 5:26
  • comments not working in json file – Abhijit Jagtap Oct 17 '18 at 5:27

check line number 33, where you have commented open brace but the corresponding closing brace is still active in line 38. Hope this will solve your problem.

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