I want to use my own python authentication script which uses RADIUS in OpenVPN server, but I can't figure out how to make it work from the server config file. I have tried this setting in server.conf:

   plugin '/etc/openvpn/pyradplugin/venv/bin/python3.5' '/etc/openvpn/pyradplugin/pyradplugin.py'

It fails with an error:

PLUGIN_INIT: could not load plugin shared object /etc/openvpn/pyradplugin/venv/bin/python3.5: /etc/openvpn/pyradplugin/venv/bin/python3.5: cannot dynamically load executable: No such file or directory

All scripts that i've found for ovpn are writen using C or C++. Is there a way to use python directly without any C code required?

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