When i load the codeIgniter file, the result i get using print_r is not sent to the view file. please any help?


class Tether extends CI_Model {
public $table='';
public $primary_key='';

    public function fetch_data(){
    return $this->db->get()->result_array();        


    public function index(){    
    $task=new Tether;

print_r result is:

Array ( [0] => Array ( [trend_id] => 1 [month] => JANUARY [year] => 2015 [amount] => 10000 ) [1] => Array ( [trend_id] => 2 [month] => FEBRUARY [year] => 2015 [amount] => 15000 ) [2] => Array ( [trend_id] => 3 [month] => MARCH [year] => 2015 [amount] => 20000 )

  • can you show the code in the view? The results actually do get passed on to the view, you're probably not accessing them correctly – Javier Larroulet Oct 17 '18 at 17:14
  • What is the error/output you are getting and what is the expected output, kindly specify? – Malay M Oct 18 '18 at 6:28


$query['result'] = $task->fetch_data();

In the layout_chart view:


The answer from @Niall is correct. But, It's important to understand the mechanics of passing data to a view.

Data should be passed to $this->load->view() as an array. The keys of the array become the variables in the view. In other words, in the following code, we make an array with two keys k1 and k2 that is sent to the view.

$data = array('k1' => "Hello", 'k2' => "World!");
$this->load->view('hi_view', $data);

Then inhi_view.php the two array keys become the variables $k1 and $k2.

echo $k1 . " " . $k2;  //outputs Hello World!

Hope that provides understanding in addition to "the answer".


I have finally fixed it with the following amendment to the controller


$this->load->view('hi_view', $query);

Thanks, guys for your support!


//controller send data using array;

public function index(){
  $query = array();    
  $task=new Tether;
  $query[' print_r']=$task->fetch_data();

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