I have this mat-tab-group which only has two tabs. The mat-tab-group container element width is bigger than the combined width of the two tab labels and I want to center the labels or increase the width in order to make them look cleaner. Thx in advance.

            <mat-tab label="Person">
                <ng-template matTabContent>
            <mat-tab label="Company">
                <ng-template matTabContent>
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    couldn't you show some codesamples?
    – Synoon
    Commented Oct 17, 2018 at 15:40
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    The mat-stretch-tabs that suggested Marshal works fine! But I edited the answer anyway.
    – alexfertel
    Commented Oct 17, 2018 at 15:51

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If you add mat-stretch-tabs that should stretch the tabs across the width of your container and center the tab label.

<mat-tab-group mat-stretch-tabs></mat-tab-group>
<mat-tab-group mat-align-tabs="center"></mat-tab-group> 
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    while the accepted answer is a good answer, this is the correct answer
    – cBlaine
    Commented Feb 19, 2021 at 21:27

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