i already create a SSIS package on SSMS and scheduled in Server Agent, it create succesfully my '.csv' file but i want to overwrite the file every night when the scheduled job start again.

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    Have you tried it? – Jeremy J. Oct 17 '18 at 17:19

In your SSIS package, in the Flat File Destination, make sure the box Overwrite data in the file is checked. When the package runs each night, the file will be overwritten with new data.

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Use a File System Task in your Control Flow.

The File System task performs operations on files and directories in the file system. For example, by using the File System task, a package can create, move, or delete directories and files. You can also use the File System task to set attributes on files and directories. For example, the File System task can make files hidden or read-only.

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