I have a select drop down menu populated with ng-options. I want to create a pop-up that will require the user to confirm they want to change the selected option before continuing.

So far, I have tried using an ng-change, but that doesn't work because you can't prevent the change (for the purposes of my app, I cannot simply put the value back to what it was before the change in an ng-change function). I have tried ng-click, but this fires when the user clicks on the select box, whereas I want this to fire when the user actually selects one of the options from the select box for UI purposes. I have investigated ng-model-options, but my problem is I cannot seem to get an event to fire when an option is selected.

Code below demonstrating what this select looks like:

<select ng-model='uiConfig.selectedInteractionType' ng-options='interactionType for interactionType in uiConfig.interactionTypes'></select>

I had this exact same requirement, albeit for a different element. I had a button that was really an anchor tag where I passed in some values, including a URL when the user clicked the button. I then needed to open an $mddialog modal and let the user cancel or click continue to send them to a redirected site.

What you need is a directive here. Put the value(s) in $scope. I used attributes for this:

restrict: 'A',

and then in my link function I used attributes.$observe

to pull in my values. Then use something like this in your directive function:

element.on('click' function ($event) {
   $event.preventDefault(); //To stop the event flow.
   templateUrl: "path to your modal html document",
   controller: myController,
   clickOutsideToClose: true,
       href: $scope.href,
       myValue: $scope.myValue

Using $locals allows you to pass in the values to the directive.

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