I'm using PhpUnit/DbUnit to create a set of 5 to 10 fixture records. I use in-memory sqlite.

I successfully can use a Doctrine\DBAL\Connection to access it, so I can use methods like ->insert( $tableName, $data ); for my tests.

Now I want to consume the Doctrine EntityManager so I can create an entity and call ->persist().

In unit-testing I used to mock the EntityManager and asserted an expectation to call persist.

But for functional-testing I want to check the final result written to the DB, even go further and re-use the result of the writing.

I therefore need to create a real EntityManager but consuming the DbUnit connection.

I've seen that creting a new EntityManager takes 3 arguments, but still the creator is protected:

 * Creates a new EntityManager that operates on the given database connection
 * and uses the given Configuration and EventManager implementations.
 * @param \Doctrine\DBAL\Connection     $conn
 * @param \Doctrine\ORM\Configuration   $config
 * @param \Doctrine\Common\EventManager $eventManager
protected function __construct(Connection $conn, Configuration $config, EventManager $eventManager)

I don't know if I'm expected to create a subclass, or maybe use an already subclassed EntityManager or how should I proceed.

So question:

How can I setup a real Doctrine\ORM\EntityManager within a PhpUnit/DbUnit test class using the low level Doctrine\Dbal\Connection that is already bound to the DbUnit connection?

Note: I'm inside a symfony3 project, so mapping files are in the expected places of symfony.

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