I've faced a task which contains several stages. One stage might be formulated as "catch every print job file before printing and save it in the specified place; print job file should contain information such as total pages for printing etc.".

As far as I understand, CUPS implements extensible pipeline which contains filter chain, backend and other parts.

During filter pipeline, generally PSTOPS or PDFTOPDF filters insert specific printjob information which i want to acquire.

I guess I have to implement custom filter which comes immediately after PSTOPS/PDFTOPDF and backups print job. In order to achieve it I am going to add

application/vnd.cups-postscript application/vnd.cups-postscript 0 customFIlterName application/vnd.cups-pdf application/vnd.cups-pdf 0 customFilterName

to mime.convs (or local.convs).

Here come my questions:

  1. Will my custom filters be called? (they have zero cost, but I am not sure CUPS will add this step to pipeline)
  2. What should I do with queues which do not hit PSTOPS|PDFTOPDF filters?
  3. Earlier or later, pipeline reaches backend part which communicates directly to printer. Should I try to make a backup at this stage instead of filtering stage? If so, how could it be implemented?

Thank you very much for response!

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I'd like to share what I've implemented in case it might be useful for someone else.

Device capabilities and some other information are included into related ppd files (etc/cups/ppd/DEVICE_NAME.ppd).

Ppd file contains string like "*cupsFilter: IN_MIME OUT_MIME FILTER_NAME". This string indicates which filter should be called at last before backend. String might be edited such as IN_MIME becomes CUSTOM_IN_MIME which should be declared into related cups mime description files. Then custom filter with, say, zero cost might be declared as IN_MIME CUSTOM_IN_MIME.

Then it's the only filter which understands CUSTOM_IN_MIME and thus must be called (actually, CUSTOM_IN_MIME is identical to IN_MIME and introduced only to force custom filter to be used).

In CUSTOM_FILTER we can implement whatever we want. That's the very powerful and generic approach to inject into CUPS.

Hope it helps somebody.

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