I'm building a Video CMS currently and using PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript to do so! When it comes to my video upload function I have a title, short description, full description, and other fields in which I would like users to submit text with breaks, quotation marks, and apostrophes (so basically single quotes)!

I'm using MySQLi with a server running CentOS7 with MySQL version 5.7.23! I have tried the following methods in which will only work for one case and one case only not both.

$ITEM = mysqli_real_escape_string($CONNECTION, $_POST['FEILD']) which will allow my to accept quotation marks and apostrophes! Then the string $ITEM = nl2br($_POST['FEILD']) which will allow me to accept breaks!

The fields range from <input>'s to <textarea>'s!

Dose anyone know how I could accept both aspects?


  • $ITEM = mysqli_real_escape_string($CONNECTION, nl2br($_POST['FEILD'])) – FrankerZ Oct 18 at 0:34
  • That works @FrankerZ; thanks so much!!! – KD_13 Oct 18 at 0:45

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