Kiwi version 6.0, tcms-api 5.0.

Given that 82 is a valid test run_id and 7 is a valid build_id for the test run's product in the Kiwi instance, run this Python snippet:

from tcms_api import TCMS
kiwi = TCMS()
kiwi.exec.TestRun.update(82, {'build' : 7})

The test run's product build is updated from 1 (unspecified) to 7.

Exception has occurred: xmlrpc.client.Fault <Fault -32603: "Internal error: 'status'">

There's no other call stack information, so I'm at a loss to further debug. I've tried updating a couple of different fields (manager and status) with the same result. I also get the same result if the value I'm trying to update is unknown/invalid.

Additional information: the equivalent call to TestCaseRun.update() API works. I.e., I can update the build information on a TestCaseRun instance.

  • I am assuming 7 is a valid build ID ? Can you try to reproduce this against ? We are logging exceptions there so I will be able to see what is going on. I suspect the problem is around line 262 in tcms/xmlrpc/api/ – Alexander Todorov Oct 18 at 8:01
  • @AlexanderTodorov It took a little flailing about, but I reproduced this against Look for activity associated with run_id= 548 with a timestamp near 10/18/18 10:22am Pacific Time. Please ignore the first exception, didn't get the script right the first time. – S. Manke Oct 18 at 17:26
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@s-manke. This is a genuine bug. I've implemented a hot-fix here: so you can at least continue to use the API.

I am in the process of cutting a new version anyway so this hot-fix will go in. However the API will not process status or stop_date fields at the moment.

  • Thank you, I really appreciate the quick turn around. For me, this fix is more of a nice to have rather than an absolute blocker. I'll keep an eye out for the next release. – S. Manke Oct 22 at 19:23

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