I'm in the process of cleaning a large dataset of US Census csv files in order to import them into a SQL database. Each individual file ranges from about 9MB to about 300MB. I have scripts for each step of the cleaning and import process.

Right now, the code I have works well enough. However, for larger files (200MB+, 80 columns, 80k rows, which isn't big in the grand scheme), the processing time can drag to over 10min. With my biggest file, 300MB with 600 columns and 74000 rows, my current code took about 15 minutes.

My goal is to create a batch processing setup that I can run as a cron job, but right now am making sure my current script is properly cleaning the data. With the current execution times as they are for what are relatively small csv's, I'm also concerned about memory consumption once I turn this into a fully automated process.

import os
import pprint
import pandas
import glob

#get a list of the files in the current directory and save as list
importpath = '*.csv'
exportpath = '/home/shingai/box1/export'
files = glob.glob(importpath)
for l in files:
    print (l)

file = str(input('Select the csv you want to clean: '))

for x in files: 
        df = pandas.read_csv(file, skiprows=range(1,2), encoding='ISO-8859-1')
        print('File does not exist')

#remove uneccessary columns
df2=df.drop(['GEO.id','GEO.display-label'], axis=1)

#define replacement values
s = {"**":0.0,"-":0.0}

#replace strings in columns that should be integers
for i in df2:
    if '*' in i:
    elif '-' in i:

#save output to a csv with an easy to spot name
output = 'file' + file
export_loc = os.path.join(exportpath, output)
df2.to_csv(export_loc, encoding='utf-8')


Where are areas in the code here that I can be more "pythonic" as well as more optimized in terms of execution time? And what are some of the general python principles that I'm missing with regards to batch processing?

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    Say you have 17 files. You ask the user which file to process, then you load it 17 times. Removing for x in files: should help your execution time a bit. – Amadan Oct 18 at 4:17
  • See this question for discussion on profiling python stackoverflow.com/questions/582336/how-can-you-profile-a-script – Matt Oct 18 at 4:26
  • @Matt This is helpful, thanks – shingi Oct 18 at 5:01
  • @Amadan That suggestion made a big difference as well - much appreciated – shingi Oct 18 at 8:24

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